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Proud Student Accomplishments

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At Colegio Atid we are recognized as an Apple Distinguished Program; by using Apple devices in our entire school, our students have been learning skills that will enhance their present and future development in technology and their potential and capacity to contribute to human knowledge with innovative solutions. They use their devices to solve problems, communicate, to express, to research, as a tool, to develop ideas, and in as many ways as you, and they can imagine. We are so proud of our students and teachers. Their hard work is showing results, and we are learning that fostering IT skills at an early age makes it possible for young people to work at a very sophisticated level to provide solutions that improve quality of life. Bravo! Read on to learn more about our program and the exciting opportunities our students, made possible by our IT team and their teachers, will have to present their work in prestigious international technology congresses.

Our journey started some years ago with the One to One project. Since that time, our students and teachers have been integrating technology into our students’ teaching and learning process. Our goal is for students to use technology skills they are acquiring to learn, practice, inquire, research, solve, create, design, test, develop, communicate, share and more.

Coaches and technology teachers coach classroom teachers on how to engage students in collaboratively planned interdisciplinary projects. Teachers are honing their skills and strategies by including the use of IT devices, programs and apps in their plans to forge innovative paths for learning and teaching. The goal is for students to expand upon an idea following the International Baccalaureate (IB) Design Cycle Model.

From experience, we know that every designer and creative person approaches problems in a unique way, depending on their interest, ideas, and methodology. Even so, certain activities and guiding principles are common to all designers, so we teach students about common approaches to the engineering process.

Our new project is "Everyone Can Code" (ECC), a worldwide program to foster student learning of computer science skills. The premise is that logic, process, math and critical thinking skills come naturally to young children when they are provided with the opportunity to program and write code. After piloting ECC for more than one year now we have a K-12 plan to create environments where they can increasingly learn how to program.

Our students from Middle School have been developing apps in health, education, science, community service, and entertainment as part of their class projects. They have been working at the same level of professionals and publishing them in the App Store! At this time five of our student's apps have been accepted for access from the App Store. Here, you can take a closer look at our programming project: Students’ hard work is showing results, and they are learning that even at an early age it is possible to work and provide real-world solutions. Even though our students confronted many challenges, they overcame the obstacles of their many frustrations to reach their goal. This is an important life lesson; hard work and patience pay in the end. They persisted to finish their project. We are very happy to announce their results.

We registered a paper that explained our project and outlined our students’ outstanding results in creating apps following the IB design wheel and the engineering development process. We are pleased to report the good news that our paper was accepted after a very competitive international selection process. Our school board was very happy to congratulate our team and students! We are traveling to San Antonio soon to show our results to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Congress. Our students will explain how they learned the skills they needed to come up with technology solutions by expanding upon their ideas to create apps with innovative and practical application in the real world. Having this opportunity prepares them for future career and professional success.

We also have other very exciting news to report. Daniel Darwich, Michelle Shveid, and Jacobo Sacal submitted their work to ask for a scholarship at the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference where "thousands of brilliant minds representing many diverse perspectives, passions, and talents are together to help change the world," as Apple has stated on their website. Students from all over the world submitted their project, and two of our students obtained a scholarship normally awarded to university students!

Congratulations to Daniel Darwich, Michelle Shveid and Jacobo Sacal for all your effort. We wish you every success when you demonstrate the results of your creative work at both the ISTE and WWDC events. You can feel very proud to represent Colegio Atid and Mexico. Congratulations to their parents who guide and support them. Congratulations also to our wonderful IT team and teachers who taught and supported you along the way to your excellent achievement.

Martha Sánchez Cerezo & Kathy S. Fine
Martha studied a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and has experience with new technologies an their use in teaching and eLearning. She is currently the IT & EdTech Director at Atid School. Kathy, the School Principal, has a long history leading schools towards significant improvement in New York City. She has been at Atid School for almost a full year, in which a positive difference is already noticeable.

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