Atid Family

The Atid School is not just an academic institution or an educational community. We are a family whose members take care of each other and strive to daily build what we consider our second home.

Parents, students, teachers, and staff have an essential role in fostering an environment of respect, solidarity, and friendship. By doing this, it will allow us to grow together and offer young people comprehensive training.

Involved Parents

Through the Parent Association (APA), parents participate in the education of their children. Providing unique activities and experiences that are in line with what the institution teaches, they contribute to form a complete and joyful school life.

Social Conscience

Students from all ages participate in social impact initiatives. Throughout their time at school, they participate in several activities that are according to their age, intending to help those in need. As they grow, they independently generate proposals for social assistance and work to accomplish them.


We organize several academic, sports, artistic, and recreational activities that focus on the student and his or her integral development.


Students will always be part of the Atid Family. We try to keep in touch with our alumni and involve them in school activities. After all, this is and will always be their home.

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