1. On undertaking the primary responsibility for the education of their children, parents collaborate with the objectives of the institution and promote shared educational responsibility for the duties and obligations of the other members of the community. 

2. Recognition of the singularity of each individual through courteous consideration empowers the development of each and every one of the members of the educational community. 

3. The growth and integral development of the students is dependent upon promoting and advancing Jewish-Mexican identity.

  • Autonomy to think, decide and act independently and critically through the development of competencies for life.

  • Ethical behavior by developing conscience, freedom with responsibility and social awareness based on universal human values.

  • A cutting edge culture that enables people to invent, create, innovate and be entrepreneurs.

  • An international education through interaction and collaboration with people and institutions of other cultures and countries.

  • Trilingualism with Spanish as mother tongue, English as a second language, both as languages of instruction, while Hebrew is learned as a language of identity.

4. The promotion of Jewish-Mexican identity consists of:

  • Identifying with the Jewish people and ensuring continuity by living its values and traditions in order to grow ethically and bring people closer to their own happiness.

  • Knowledge of and use of Hebrew as a language of identity and the identification with the State of Israel.

  • Strengthening a sense of being Mexican in order to foster positive actions within and beyond the country.

5. Personal and professional development of teachers and collaborators empowers them to have an assertive relationship with the educational community in the pursuit of academic standards of excellence and ethical behavior.