The psycho-pedagogy team parts from the principles of ethics and co-responsibility to integrate a Caring Community that promotes:

  • Taking care of one’s self
  • Taking care of others
  • Taking care of the environment
  • Acting with integrity

To achieve this, both psychologists and learning specialists, with the support of the entire school community, will focus in two areas:



  • To provide students with the learning skills necessary to the development of expected academic competences, according to the IB standards.
  • To invite students to creative and reflective thinking and research skills, to achieve significant learning.
  • For teachers and learning therapists to team up for the continuous improvement of teaching practices and teacher skills development.


Social-emotional Development 

  • To promote a respect and inclusion culture to create collaborative learning environments, providing a warm and supportive school environment.
  • To promote taking care of themselves, others, and the environment, allowing the creation of affectionate bonds with integrity and honesty, based on values.
  • To facilitate open, honest communication based on ethical conduct that orientates the school community towards becoming a Caring Community.


With this vision, we will integrate programs focused on parents, students, and teachers collaborative participation through information in electronic communication platforms, workshops, conferences and courses that will strengthen:

  • Assertive communication
  • Collaborative work
  • Group integration with the Caring Community
  • Conduct self-management and personal responsibility for taking care of one’s self, others, and the environment, according to the school community values.


From Preschool, with the “Be buddies” program, to Upper High with the development of “Life competences”, we expect to create a participative Caring Community in constant growth.