English language and learning

The Atid Mission statement refers to the importance of a trilingual international education. In response, an objective of the school's educational program is that students master English for both communicative and academic purposes. As an IB World School, we concur with the premise that the study of languages is a must in good education and the community the school serves adheres to this principle. The benefits of the acquisition of an additive (second) language are multiple; research has demonstrated that bilingual or multilingual children who learn a foreign language in early childhood develop certain cognitive advantages such as problem solving, greater critical thinking skills and increased creativity. They also gain a more profound intercultural sensibility, an understanding of the relationship between language and thought and take with them a lifelong ‘tool’ that will help them confront the challenges of a global world.

The English curriculum initiates in Preschool with an Early Total English Immersion Program in which students spend their days learning language and content in an integrated way. During the Elementary years, students participate in a split day schedule, half of which is carried out in English and half in Spanish. Our High School, divided into 3 sections – Lower, Middle and Upper, has assigned subjects to be taught in English (Humanities, Technology, Science) in addition to the IB required course in Second Language Acquisition. Our graduates are prepared to undertake further studies in English in universities abroad and have testified to the advantages that the program bestows.