Information & Communications Technology



To satisfy the school community’s information needs by applying cutting edge technologies, using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) correctly to impact positively on teaching, learning and administrative processes. 


To be at the vanguard in technological infrastructure and education in order to develop ethical individuals and citizens of the world with creative, divergent and reflective minds, eager to acquire knowledge, capable of evaluating and integrating information and technological resources during their professional development.


  • To give support to the school academic and administrative community to manage resources and create academic and extra curricular content.

  • To develop proficiency in the use and operation of technological and information resources within the institution.

  • To guide and accompany the student body, teachers and administrative personal in the development of XXI century ICT competences and skills and knowledge of the rules and norms of digital citizens.

  • To improve quality of services and technical processes through continuous technological innovation.