Judaic Studies

In Hebrew, the word Atid means ‘future’ and the Atid Judaic Department looks proudly back at our Jewish history, yet keeps an observant eye on the future.

Our school, a member of the network of Jewish schools, belongs to the Maguen David community, receiving students from all sections of the Jewish community.   The school ideology reflects the Maguen David history , as seen in its observances and traditiions; its religious orientation is basically traditional.

Within its mission, the school states that an essential part of its philosophy is the establishment of a strong Jewish identity.

In accordance with our philosophy, daily life at school focuses on the following points:

  • A Judaic syllabus that teaches and reinforces Jewish values through Bible Studies, Tradition, Jewish History and Hebrew.

  • An intense religious life with celebrations of holidays, important events, Bar and Bat Mitvá preparation.

  • Knowledge of the importance and key role the State of Israel plays in Jewish life, a significant part of Jewish identity. The department works 

  • closely  with institutions like Keren Kayenet Leisrae!, Keren Hayesod and the Jewish Agency.

Ninth graders spend a month in Israel during the summer and
many eleventh graders join the “March for Life.” In addition, we encourage students to do Hajshará, a voluntary period of time spent
in Israel when High School studies are concluded.

  • Our school also participates in different Jewish community events and contests such as the Aviv Dance Festival, the Am Israel Jai Festival, the Habima Theatre Festival, Jidon Hatanaj and Jidon Hatzionut and participation in the international Shorashim Project in which students and families investigate their origins/roots.

With our eye on the future, the Judaic program is constantly renewing itself as new programs appear. Teachers take part in continuing professional development and we integrate our work with other school departments. We take part in prestigious projects like ‘Mejanjei Israel’ and others.

In harmony with our school mission, the Judaic Department works toward the ethical growth of our students as they learn about, adopt Jewish values and contribute positively to the greater society.

Judaic Studies