Atid Nest -Preschool

What is Atid Nest?

Inspired by the educational project, Reggio Emilia, we created a place where babies construct their own learning.

Here, they have a chance to explore, observe, to know and adapt to their environment, strengthen their muscles, develop autonomy and create affective relationships which contribute to the growth of healthy personalities.


Baby Nest: Develops thinking and the capacity to do things while engaged in different learning experiences that promote exploration, discovery, hypothesis generation, and creativity. Mothers are able to document their child’s growth with digital media (photos, videos).

Baby Yoga: Creates a space for inner peace and healing of both baby and mother.

Baby Gym: Stimulates babies’ motor abilities and knowledge of their environment.

Baby Music: Develops tonal sensitivity, listening capacities, attention and language skills, and enjoyment of music.


You can choose the days you come to the Nest.



For registration and further information please call: 5814 0800 ext. 1093 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Atid Nest

The Nest is a space for the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of your baby. It encourages the creation of bonds and builds a sense of identity in a safe, warm, maternal environment.

Mother and child share moments and unique experiences that strengthen emotional ties.