ES Curriculum

We aim to develop intellectual, personal and social skills by means of a personalized educational pedagogy. The students acquire a construct of knowledge and essential skills to develop comprehension and competent performance. Our teaching personnel center their experience and professionalism on the students’ learning to help form a sense of identity and social awareness. An attitude of inquiry in search of learning and self-improvement is promoted in the classrooms. The Elementary School PYP curriculum integrates essential knowledge, concepts, abilities and attitudes. Similarly, learning and teaching processes include both academic and non-academic activities all offered by the school. The following elements comprise our Elementary School Plan:

Knowledge: The organization of information, topics, facts, and relevant data with which our students must be familiar.

Concepts: Transcendent and important ideas within the different disciplinary areas that students enquire about for a better understanding.

Skills and competencies: Abilities students develop, use and improve in the cognitive, social, investigation, self-management and communication fields.

Attitudes: Disposition to express values, beliefs and feelings towards themselves, their community, their families, their country and the world.

The Elementary School Curriculum is divided into seven main disciplinary areas:

  • Languages

  • Math 

  • Natural Sciences

  • Social Sciences 

  • Arts

  • Personal, Social and Physical Education

  • Judaism

In addition, Atid School encourages the development of the students’ linguistic potential, promoting learning through the language. Students learn English as they study subjects in English; Spanish mastery is accomplished during academic activities and collaboration. Students establish a profound bond with their Mexican-Jewish identity through the study of basic Hebrew.

The constant contact with technology has impacted our world and presents an incredible opportunity for the learning of and the expression of ideas; it connects us with people from other cultures and countries, allowing us to discover the reality of the human nature that we all share.