L&M Overview

Lower and Middle High School (L&MHS) offer a balanced program with general academic subjects and Judaic studies in Hebrew, Jewish History and Bible. Working with grades 7th through 10th, one of its objectives is to contribute to the development of responsible, caring, and socially aware human beings. Our students acquire meaningful knowledge and essential abilities that will be applicable throughout their lives. They incorporate values that will prepare them to face a world full of scientific and technological change so that they can be successful in it.

Being that early adolescence is a transitional stage, focusing on the strengthening of universal and Jewish values as well as a well-defined Jewish Mexican identity is fundamental. Students are prepared to make responsible and well-informed decisions and they participate actively in social and community activities. Students carry out annual projects with the support of the Psychopedagogic Department and/or the Parents Association, in which relevant topics are touched upon such as addiction prevention, healthy interpersonal relations and risk behaviors. Parallel to this, social service projects, such as fund-raisers, and individual service projects are carried out.

At the same time, aware of the needs of adolescents, the school promotes strategies to care for and guide them as they form ideas and develop social values. The entire staff collaborates in the achievement of these objectives as we work towards healthy development of the students in the hope that they will mature as they grow and take part in the building of a better world for all.