Message from the Preschool Principal

Success at the preschool stage in a child’s life is achieved when his/her potential is developed to its fullest, through respect for each child’s individuality, and when the child is given the necessary tools to face the world autonomously. Today, a cutting edge education demands both high quality educational programs and highly qualified educators. A bond must be established with the student through observation and careful listening to determine how the child learns and develops in order to, enable physical, social, emotional and cognitive development in a holistic manner.

The Atid Preschool mission is to reach those objectives and provide the best transition between home and school, where school is more than a simple classroom; where all spaces are warm and safe, planned and adapted to the child’s needs. By working together, parents and school, we have the potential to accomplish the best education while fostering love for their roots so that they identify with the Jewish people and ensure its continuity through traditions that turn values into lifelong actions that ennoble humankind.


Adriana Carrillo Flores
Preschool Principal