PS curriculum

Within the framework of personalized education, Atid Preschool aims to develop a child´s thinking and the acquisition of the tools that will allow the child to take charge of life consciously and freely. Furthermore, me work to adapt education to the personal qualities and needs of each student and to provide a wide variety of ways to promote growth, efficiency and motivation to learn.

The curricular program is directed to children between two and six years of age. It is based on learning theories that consider that the child learns through experience when he/she discovers, inquires, acts and reflects. The child’s previous knowledge is the basis for the construction of new achievements.

Based on the enhancement of a Mexican-Jewish identity and an international education, Atid Preschool has an early English immersion program and follows the IB´s PYP (Primary Years Programme) through inquiry projects that integrate five significant abilities: social, thinking, communication, investigation, and self-management. They are developed across the disciplinary areas of Language, Math, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, the Arts and Personal, Social and Physical Education.

Technology is an essential tool for learning, and the teaching of Hebrew as the language of Identity is initiated at this stage. The students also participate in learning experiences in music, dance, movement, the arts and ecology.

The Preschool teaching staff is highly qualified and receives continuous pedagogical education in order to implement and enrich a program that fulfills national and international standards of educational quality.