PS Special Programs

Green Garden
Preschool has the privilege of having a ‘Green Garden’ with the purpose of connecting classroom learning actively with practical experiences in an orchard -an outdoor learning space that is kept productive with the continued planting and reaping of organic vegetable crops, aromatic herbs and flowers.


Learning while we share
Not only do Inquiry projects provide new knowledge and advancement of different abilities, they give the children the opportunity to transfer their learning into actions that benefit the whole community, resulting in attitudes of responsibility and solidarity. “Learning while we share” contributes to the formation of young social entrepreneurs who, in the future, will be able to make a difference, not only in their community but in their country and the rest of the world. The program consists of sharing some of our successful projects with a SEP school, which we have adopted as our “preschool friend.”


Atelier: recycle and reuse
Preschool students learn about sustainability using their imagination and creativity in the “Atelier: recycle and reuse” workshop. In addition to classifying waste, children utilize varied materials in the “atelier,” a laboratory where the children’s expression and inventiveness are recognized; it is a place for experimentation and inquiry, where the students’ potentials are taken into account, where they are allowed to exercise their imagination freely.