HS Special Projects


From small beginnings, the Atid Model United Nations is now firmly established as the leading MUN in the western zone of Mexico City. Over 100 delegates from Atid grade 9 and 10 students, and over 120 delegates from 10 guest schools come together to form 8 committees. Over the course of 2 full days, they debate and reach resolutions on wide-ranging global and regional issues that affect our world today.

March of the Living
Every 2 years our Upper High School students are invited to take part in this highly significant program, whose mission is to:

  • Motivate all participants to be better human beings, committed to themselves, their communities, the Jewish People, to Mexico and Israel.

  • Strengthen values such as tolerance, justice, honesty, respect, solidarity, loyalty, and pluralism.

  • Train all participants spiritually and emotionally in preparation for the project, through study of the Holocaust and the importance of Medinat Israel.



Academic Field Trips
Bringing academic study to life by getting hands on experience in the field. Developing awareness of the needs of impoverished rural communities by engaging with people in the region and assisting with food parcels, school resources, and housing improvements. Getting to know the cultural heritage and natural beauty in the country. Consolidating the sense of unity by teamwork and collaboration among students.

  • Grade 11 Science field trip

An interdisciplinary approach (Biology and Physics) to scientific research, students carry out projects in the Sierra Norte de Puebla region of Mexico.

  • Grade 12 Arts field trip

Students participate in workshops to learn and interact in local music, dance and visual art in Tlacotalpan, Veracruz.


Holocaust Remembrance

Senior students participate in workshops and conferences in conjunction with their counterparts from the Eton School, learning together in a spirit of tolerance and respect, and sharing a solemn ceremony to remember those who died in the Holocaust.

The Friendship Talent Show
An annual event organized by students for students, all High School gathers in the auditorium to enjoy a morning of our artistic talent to celebrate the Day of Friendship.

Judaic Studies seminar
Jewish Community leaders provide conferences, debates and workshops during a two-day convention in the Maguen David Community facilities, reinforcing identity and community participation.


Extracurricular Activities

Students take part in these activities voluntarily according to their personal interests.

  • Basketball

Local tournament:

  • Volleyball

Local tournament:

  • Soccer

Local tournament:

  • SAT preparation
  • Aviv Dance Festival

Up to 60 students, both male and female, form our Tiferet dance group each year to take part in this hugely popular and competitive Jewish Community dance festival. Rehearsals run from November to March when the Festival takes place.

  • Habima Drama Festival

A small group of High School students and alumni get together to put on a play and participate in the Jewish Community Habima Festival each year.

  • Computer Programming

Under the guidance of the IT Principal, a select group of students undertake advanced programming and developing applications.


Science Fair
The Science program at Atid progresses from concrete to abstract, from guidance to exploration. Atid’s Science Fair is an opportunity for each student to go deeper into their subject area, inquiring about a topic they have found of interest or addressing a challenge they have identified.

Independent research is key to developing a clear understanding of scientific thought. Identifying and describing a problem, presenting a testable hypothesis, and designing an experimental procedure to prove or refute it, are all part of Atid’s projects each year. Thorough understanding of the scientific method allows students to work within a frame of thought that gives their findings purpose and validity.


School trip to Israel
As many classes before them, every 9th grader at the Atid has the opportunity to travel with their entire class to Eretz Israel. This trip is a culmination of effort, study and preparation, to better understand what Israel represents for them.

During the month-long trip, our students share unique experiences with their classmates, consolidating lifelong friendships. They have the opportunity to explore Israel from three different, yet complementary, perspectives: the historic, traditional and spiritual land of Judaism, the modern and vibrant start-up nation and the entertaining, attractive tourist centers.

Years of looking forward to this experience, and months of intensive preparation, make this one of the most significant trips for each of Atid’s students. After it, every student has a new, personal meaning for Israel in his heart.


Community Service
Atid School, in its role as a Jewish educational institution, is committed to teaching its members the importance of sharing, helping and improving others' quality of life whenever possible. Beyond fundraising, our students reflect on the importance of contributing their time, work and skills in participating in one of the many community service programs offered at Atid.

Even though each grade level has one main program in which it participates, children are encouraged to bring their own ideas and proposals for new programs they can contribute to. Students complete a service requirement each semester and frame it within the reflection and evaluation of the project they carried out. This way, students can embrace their role in taking responsibility for shaping the community around them. From this perspective, they learn how their contributions shape their interactions with others at a local, national and global level.


Student Council
Listening to student opinion and promoting their participation in school life has always been one of Atid's main interests. There is a Student Council that governs the student body. Comprised of a President and a Vice-President, and a representative of each of the High School sections, the five-person council leads classmates in school spirit activities, fundraisers, and other events.


Academic Excellence Program
Atid School strives to provide students with a wide range of developmental opportunities in academics, sports and personal life. In light of this, Atid recognizes students with special talents or aptitudes who are offered additional opportunities.

Eighth grade students are selected according to academic results, exemplary behavior and overall ability in any given area of personal growth. A reduced group of twelve students then prepare to participate in an academic visit to the American Hebrew Academy (AHA) in Greensboro, North Carolina. During their visit to this boarding school, Atid students take part in regular coursework, special academic sessions, sports activities, and even educational trips to nearby landmarks. AHA's diverse Jewish community allows our students to experience how Judaism is present in a different country. They also have the opportunity to take Torah and Hebrew lessons during their stay.


It’s not a camp; it’s an Atidiada!

School camps have always been a wonderful opportunity to strengthen friendships and get to know others in a context that is different from everyday classes. In L&MHS, our students combine this experience with an academic project that allows them to weave together interdisciplinary knowledge and learning that provide a unique perspective of the places they visit.

Whether working in teams or alone, students find in the Atidiadas a chance to learn, contribute to other communities and have fun. Every trip includes an opportunity to help a community near the places they visit, which is an enriching way of sharing who we are with others.