College Counseling

The college-counseling program is at present being extended to a six-year program, from grade 7 through 12. The purpose of the program is for students to make well-informed decisions with regards to their life project by providing the appropriate guidance and information at the key stages of their development through High School:

  • Electives

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Certifications and Diplomas

  • Professional studies

  • University

A variety of tests are administered during the six-year High School, including:

  • Test of Abilities (Habilmind platform)

  • Test of Personal Interests (habilmind platform)

  • The Mexican university admission exam: “Prueba de Aptitud Académica” by the College Board

  • The US college admission exam: SAT by the College Board

Atid Pro-Opps Internship:

In grade 11, all students carry out a one-week pre-professional placement at a business, in the professional field of their choice. This experience provides our students with invaluable insight into the everyday workings of the profession they have in mind, helping them in their process of decision-making. This program has been enormously successful thanks to the collaboration of parents, teachers, and the personnel at the companies where students are placed. 

Professional Guidance Evenings:

UHS students are invited to take part in round-table conversations with professionals and academics. Four evenings during the year cover the fields of Architecture & Design, Engineering, Health Sciences and Business & Humanities.

Entering university:

In grade 12, students are provided with the support they need to visit the universities they are interested in, arranging appointments with the undergraduate course directors, attending college classes, and completing the admission process.


In recognition of the performance of our alumni, the Colegio Atid has been granted the following scholarships:

  • Universidad de las Américas

Admission without entrance exam

1 scholarship of excellence

  • Universidad Anáhuac

3 scholarships of excellence

  • Centro de Estudios Superiores de San Angel (CESSA)

1 scholarship of excellence

  • Universidad del Valle de México

Admission without entrance exam

  • Universidad Panamericana

2 scholarships of excellence 

1 scholarship for Psychology or Nursing

  • Universidad Iberoamericana

1 scholarship of excellence